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Hidden Dog Fence Company provides the latest dog fencing technologies combined with expert installation and unmatched customer service.


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Ted Webster of Hidden Dog Fence Company Providing Charlotte NC with professional electronic pet fencing installations and expertise

About Hidden Dog Fence

Since 1999 customers in Charlotte and surrounding communities have counted on Hidden Dog Fence Company for unsurpassed excellence in professional electronic pet fencing installation and service. As life-long pet lovers, we understand the deep emotional attachment that comes with pet ownership and this drives us to always put your pet’s safety and happiness as our number one priority, along with your peace of mind as a responsible pet owner.

From the company’s founding until today Hidden Dog Fence Company has been a family owned business and we have developed a full understanding of the following truths:

  • Not All Fencing Systems Are Created Equal

  • Every Property And Pet Is Different

Requiring a customized approach to installation, pet training and service ensures satisfaction of both the pet and owner. For these reasons, Hidden Dog Fence Company uses only Pet Stop Pet Fencing Systems. Unlike systems found at some of the “big box” stores, Pet Stop shares our commitment to new technologies, quality products, and features that support “Gentle Steps” training techniques. Our commitment to service excellence has resulted in a loyal customer base who always know who to call to ensure the happiness and safety of their beloved pets. Give the Hidden Dog Fence Company a chance to earn your trust by installing and servicing a state of the art professional electronic pet fence.


Pet Stop®’s fencing equipment does not just exceed the capabilities of competitive products – it blows them away! And only Pet Stop® Pet Fence Systems are Made in the USA from imported components. Pet Stop® has become the leading provider of the most advanced and effective invisible dog fence. We design the innovative solutions that our competitors try to imitate.

Why Hidden Dog Fence Company

Of all the pet containment companies vying for your attention, Pet Stop® is the only one to combine the depth of knowledge, commitment to technology, and genuine love of pets to produce the finest, most reliable pet containment system you can find. Our system is so superior, it’s fully guaranteed to work gently but effectively for any pet, any breed of dog or cat, outside or even inside your home. Your pet is like no other in the world. You know each charming look and goofy quirk, every whine, woof or meow. While Pet Stop® can never know your pet as well as you, we do know your breed. That’s important, because managing any pet properly requires equipment customized to the size, temperament and habits of each dog or cat. Especially yours.

At the heart of our system is the smallest, lightest, fully customizable collar on the market. Our Series 2 UltraElite Receiver® was developed by the most experienced engineer in the industry, a man who holds more pet containment patents than all other industry engineers. The result is a simple masterpiece for keeping your pet close, comfortable, and perfectly safe within the yard.

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